Battlestation: Harbinger now on Steam!

Battlestation: Harbinger is now released on Steam!

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Bugbyte is working on a completely new Game!


ReplicaBase In this Banished/Settlers inspired game you are the sole human on a space station but not alone, with the help of cloning facilities you can create your own work force to take care of various tasks on the station.

What is Battlestation?

Battlestation is a game series, consisting of mobile and PC games inspired by Babylon 5 and FTL. With every new game being a new story, Battlestation offers a new, fresh experience every time, driven by modern roguelike gameplay. All the features implemented in Battlestation give you many strategic options and a significant depth to the game for you to explore.

Current and upcoming Battlestation games

Battlestation: Harbinger (Android,iOS, PC) (Released August 2015)

NOW RELEASED. Latest and greatest Battlestation game!

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Battlestation: First Contact (Android,iOS) (Released October 2014)

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Battlestation: First Contact for Android and iOS devices. Battlestation: First Contact is free, with additional episodes available to buy. Enjoy the game!

Battlestation: Classic (Android) (Released May 2014)

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Battlestation: Classic. The first prototype game of the Battlestation series. This is the game that started it all, it was made as a quick prototype but proved to be loved by many already in its early stages.

  • oldman1
    I don't always play games, but
    when I do, I play Battlestation.

  • tutor
    Don't make me fly one of those things!

  • UnknownBaddie
    This is an illegal game!