Another new game idea by Bugbyte

Inspirations: Settlers, Banished, Prison Architect, Startopia, Rimworld.

In this Banished/Settlers inspired game you are tasked with building a new space station outside a barren planet at the wild sector 57. Your main mission is to build a thriving space station colony, able to defend itself against space pirates and the like, and giving human forces refuge at sector 57.

You get to design the space station yourself by building corridors and different types of rooms, working together to create a self-sustaining colony. Different types of resources can be gathered from the barren planet near the station with transport shuttles. You need to build but you also have to defend against space pirates and deal with different elements causing damage to the station.

Type of game:

  • A Banished/Settlers inspired Space Station building game
  • Premium Single-player game for PC and Mobile
  • Roguelike elements, random events, variation in missions
  • Difficulty levels, most likely with custom settings like enemies on/off

What the GAME IS at the core:

  • Settlers type of fun building, creating your own space station and watching your units build, repair, fight and die.
  • Optimizing your base with buildings, researching better tech to give you better performance, dealing with hazards like solar flares or meteors causing damage to the station.
  • Building turrets and other defense mechanisms inside the base to defend from attacks outside and inside the Space Station. Space battles and boarding battles.
  • Activables that you can use to defend or manipulate units. E.g. Open an airlock to see an unit fly into space. Lock enemies inside a room and cut out the oxygen flow. Endless possibilities!
  • Creating production chains that give you resources to expand and sustain your Space Station.
  • Getting visitors from friendly merchants to aggressive Space Pirates attacking your base.

What the GAME IS NOT:

  • This game is not Free to play, we like to make premium games.
  • This game is not a sims type of game where you have to micro-manage your units, instead a more automated system resembling rimworld and settlers is used.
  • This game is not a game where the main focus is on space battles, instead the main focus is on building and creating a thriving colony, with a nice spice of space battles and boarding battles from attacking space pirates every now and then. This could also be a custom setting, making it possible to create a bit more battle heavy game play.
  • This game is not multiplayer.

The space station, building and scale:

  • Preliminary plan: Start with 4 people, max out at 30 or so. (Could evolve to be quite different)
  • You get to design our very own space station, consisting of a set amount of different rooms.
  • You start with a small station, just a few rooms. You then proceed to expand the station.
  • Corridors and rooms take resources to run and support life, like oxygen and electricity.
  • The station is powered by a core, build more cores to support more rooms.

Different type of compartments/rooms:

Buildings may be upgradable to make performance better. Rooms will also have different types of conditions settings. E.g. The greenhouse room might have settings like light, temperature, oxygen and CO2 levels. Different types of plants have different optimum values for growth.

  • Space Domes: able to support fields of vegetables and the like.
  • Storage room: storing your food and other resources, like metals.
  • Hangar room: able to take in incoming ships and build own fighters and shuttles.
  • Air locks: open and close to separate space and the rest of the station.
  • Life support rooms: produce Oxygen and CO2.
  • Living quarters: give personnel private space to sleep.
  • Cryo chamber: freeze your personnel in various situations. E.g. Out of food.
  • Kitchen/recreational: Create food for your personnel.
  • Fabrication/Workshop/Engineering room: Build and manufacture different type of equipments and electronics.
  • Guard room/Armory: Train your personnel to defend the station.
  • Science lab: Research new technology.
  • Station Core: Produce Electricity. Sliders oxygen, heat, life support. Heating: Bigger station more heat.
  • Medical bay: Tend to wounded personnel.
  • Turret room: Build various turrets for the station to defend the station in space battles.
  • Water storage room: Store your water here.
  • Recycle room: Dismantle whatever you can find outside the station, like ship wrecks.
  • Scanner room: Detect meteors and incoming space ships, as well as scan the planet for more resources.


  • You can build various turrets to defend from attacks from space pirates.
  • You can set priorities for turret targeting and focus fire on an enemy ship.
  • Similar to FTL there are compartments in your station that can be hit and be damaged/catch fire.
  • Enemy space ship wrecks can be scavenged for scrap metal and other resources.


  • Your station can be boarded by space pirate units.
  • In addition to your own units, you will have activables like in Dungeon keeper and evil genius to defend your station. E.g. Trap the invaders in a room and cut the oxygen, build air locks to watch them fly out.


The stations location is near a planet, and this planet plays a vital part regarding game play. You have to scout and search for resources from the planet, and ship those resources up to the station with shuttles. The planet has sectors that you can scout for more resources, or if you build a scanner you can use that to find resources more quickly.

Merchants will also visit the station, you can buy various things from them.

  • Aluminum, found on planet and traded.
  • Carbon, found on planet and traded.
  • Iron, found on planet and traded.
  • Silicon, found on planet and traded.
  • Water, found on planet and traded.
  • Different types of seeds, traded.

Random events:

  • Damage to hull causing hull breaches.
  • Storms on planet, making traveling hard with a shuttle to gather resources.
  • Shuttle broken on the way.
  • Trading with friendlies or enemies.
  • Solar flares and meteors causing damage to the station.
  • Sickness spreading among the colony.
  • Devices breaking down.

Missions system, giving variation to the continuing game play:

Your main mission is to build a thriving space station colony, able to defend itself against space
pirates and the like. In addition to the main mission you are given new tasks, creating new challenges as you have to modify your base to be successful. These could include:

  • You have to survive from a space pirates attack until a friendly fleet arrives.
  • You are tasked with having to build x amount of fields and produce enough food for an incoming transport ship.
  • Refugees are on their way to the station, need x amount of living quarters to house them.
  • Warning of a disasterous solar flare happening in x amount of time, prepare for it.
  • Incoming space pirate boarding party, you need to prepare interior defenses.

These missions would be given to you at random, making it more challenging to modify the space station as you are expanding.

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    I don't always play games, but
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    Don't make me fly one of those things!

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    This is an illegal game!