New game idea by Bugbyte

Why are we leaving mom? – Because we have no choice. Somewhere out there is a promised land, a planet where we can settle down and live in harmony once again.

NOTE! We have not abandoned Harbinger, but we are eager to start on a new game. Dear Battlestation community, today we present a new game idea from Bugbyte to you. We value our community very much and therefore we want to ask your opinion before we jump into something new. Without further ado, here is the idea:

The story:

The year is 2259. Many families watch with terror as they have to flee an Earth no longer capable of supporting human life. Earth is being destroyed. No-one knows where to head, there are only speculations and legends of new habitable planets spreading among the crowds. The journey will be a battle to survive, where families and groups might turn on each other due to the limitations of resources like food and water.

Early concept sketch!

Type of game:

  • Single-player game
  • Space ship survival
  • Roguelike, around 2 hours for one playtrough
  • Many difficulty levels
  • Many different ship hulls to try out
  • Possibly an endless/Sandbox mode, where there is no end.

What the game is at the core:

  • Deep and emotional. Player gets to choose what kind of human he is. How he treats other travelers, does he kill them? Steal from them? Help?
  • A lot of freedom, the player gets to decide what he builds, what he focuses on, where he travels next, who he treats well and who he treats bad.
  • Some human needs but not too much micromanagement of the human needs. The game focuses more on star map strategy, building optimization, fighting hostile groups, trading, stealing, choices and related mechanics.

What the game does not have:

  • The game does not have big space battles a la Battlestation: Harbinger
  • The game does not have many space ships battling each other
  • Instead, the space battles would be more in the style of 1 ship against 1 ship

Early concept. Create your own thriving little community on a space ship.


  • Star map strategy, crew management, building facilities, tending to human needs, encountering other groups, trading, exploring, surviving.
  • Many Families/groups flying and escaping from an Earth that is being destroyed. You can face them in the galaxy, they have their own space ships.
  • Simple style of building facilities, ready sets of ships and you choose what to build in which room.
  • You can raid other families ships and fight them for resources.
  • You can land with ship on planets and gather resources.
  • You will face a lot of random events, impacting the game play in various ways!
  • You can explore shipwrecks and acquire resources. You can board other ships and take their food, or not? Help them? What do you choose?
  • Various strategic decisions to make in the star map. Trade with other families you encounter, evade hostile groups. Recruit new members.

Early concepts of ship design.

Building ideas:

  • Living quarters
  • Oxygen room
  • Electricity/core
  • Research lab
  • Engineering
  • Food production room
  • Medical bay
  • Engine room
  • Cryo chamber

All of this good stuff paired up with the star map familiar from Harbinger. But remember, the focus of this
game would be more on survival and strategy, not on big space battles.

Random events:

  • Abandoned stations. Abandoned space ship wreckages.
  • Different parts breaking: FTL engine, hull breach, Food dispenser, Oxygen generator etc…
  • Having to land on planets to repair and gather resources. Various things that can happen on the planet.
  • Whatever we can come up with!

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NOTE! These are not final features, things will be added and some things may be removed. This concept is to give you an insight into what type of game this would be. We have also not decided to make this game yet, we just want to hear also your opinion :)

After you have voted, you will be redirected to the forum thread to discuss this game idea and give us more ideas of your own! Do you think something is missing from this game idea?

  • oldman1
    I don't always play games, but
    when I do, I play Battlestation.

  • tutor
    Don't make me fly one of those things!

  • UnknownBaddie
    This is an illegal game!