Bugbyte is an independent game studio based in Turku, Finland. The essence of Bugbyte can be described as making high quality games, with a focus on entertainment. Bugbytes dream is to make a hit game one day, and be able to help a good cause at the same time.


Aksel Junkkila

Aksel takes care of business and marketing.


Allan Junkkila

Allan is the main programmer and makes it all work.


Matti Vanhala

Matti is a graphic artist and takes care of 3D modeling.


Anna Hämäläinen

Anna is a graphic artist and takes care of the character design.

Want to try out the mini game (PC,Android,iOS)?

The mini game is now available for PC! Register and you will get a link to a downloadable in the welcome mail.

You can also play the game on your Android or iOS device. The android version is free and we will provide promo codes to iOS versions should you need one, send mail to with your username.

Alternatively, you can read and see more of Battlestation here!

  • oldman1
    I don't always play games, but
    when I do, I play Battlestation.

  • tutor
    Don't make me fly one of those things!

  • UnknownBaddie
    This is an illegal game!