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Battlestation – Humanity’s last hope is a sci-fi roguelike game with a rich and deep story , inspired by Babylon 5 and FTL. Immerse yourself in an alternate universe and take command of the newly built Battlestation, designed to be the last defense for earth against oncoming threat. Welcome to the Battlestation universe!

With every new game being a new story, Battlestation offers a new, fresh experience every time, driven by modern roguelike gameplay. All the features implemented in Battlestation give you many strategic options and a significant depth to the game for you to explore.



Choose if you want to focus on waging war or making allies.



Build your own Battlestation, ships and weapons.



Roguelike FTL style game play, every game is different.



Research new technology, or trade with other species.



Make your defenses hold against the oncoming attacks.


Hire Crew

Hire a crew and use their qualities right to maximize effect.



The Celestials

Space Trolls

The Trolgars

Space Trolls

The Schillae

Space Trolls

The Unknown Threat

The Battlestation universe consists of 5 races in total, of which humans (The Player) is one. Besides humans, Battlestation features following races: Celestials, Trolgars, Schillae and The Unknown Threat.

Defend earth and explore surroundings


Since Battlestation is humanity’s last hope, the game obviously revolves around fighting and defending. Not only will you be defending against relentless attacks, but you will also lead away missions to investigate derelict ships, to discover new technology, to assist mining outposts, save crew in distress, deal with traps, and other unforeseen events.

The roguelike gameplay is present in Battlestation by giving you a surrounding that is ever changing. You are constantly exploring it and facing new situations not seen before. The core features of Battlestation have components designed to make the game roguelike, drive you to make quick decisions but also to plan for the long-term goal; to save humanity.

You never know what will greet you when a jump gate opens up near the Battlestation. Maybe it’s the Celestials coming this time. Maybe it’s the Unknown. Maybe the Schillae want your crew, specifically your male specimens, and you don’t want to give any.

The incoming enemy ships, events, mining outposts, derelict ships, availability of crew, finding crew on missions, discovering new technology, diplomatic encounters and more are all randomized for each new game. You can never rely on one single tactic to win you the game, you have to react to the events and make the right decisions to save humanity.

Customize your commander


Inspired by character creation in Fallout, Mass Effect and Icewind Dale, Battlestation gives you the opportunity to create and develop the skills and personality of a true leader. The player has the freedom to set points to different character attributes, which will affect game play in various ways. Basically, Battlestation gives the player the freedom to create his own commander character. Will he be a war veteran, researcher, engineer or a skilled diplomatic? There will be a set amount of total points available for the player to input in different categories. Current design also allows for level-ups of commanders, giving the player some progress after each game should the player die.

You have 4 types of skills:

    Warfare – Command military assets.
    Engineering – Construct and repair your station.
    Research – Develop new technology.
    Diplomacy – Haggle, beg or threaten your alien neighbors.

Additional random special traits will be assigned to your commander based on how you distribute the points to different skills. This makes each new commander a little different from each other, even if their skills match. Depending on the traits given to you, your approach to the game and strategy used may vary.

Design the Battlestation


As the first commander of the specially built Battlestation you get to decide the layout. Order your engineer teams to build both standard facilities and special installations acquired through research or alien technology.

You can build: Hangars, Laboratories, Power generators, Sensors, Shield generators, Internal security stations. These have to be built by engineering teams. The impact of intrusions will directly be depending on the placement of different sections, and where the intrusion happens to take place. Losing the shield facilities, for example, will cause the Battlestation shields to shut down. Marines can be placed to guard different sections. All of this will result in the player having to think about strategy both outside and inside the Battlestation.

Board enemy ships and defend from intruders


Taking a page out of the Alien trilogy and numerous episodes of your favorite scifi series, you can use your biological scanner to detect movement of your own troops and enemy infiltrators. Command your teams and battle inside the Battlestation, or aboard enemy ships. Take the fight from outer space into the inner areas of your Battlestation, as well as of alien ships.

If you have seen the movie Aliens you can probably remember the scanners the soldiers were using, the sounds the scanners made with each pulse, and the fear from soldiers noticing movement on their screen. Battlestation takes this same approach to a bigger scale, where you as the commander can see all the moving parts of your Battlestation. Using this biological scanner you will be able to command your squadrons, and carry out battles inside the Battlestation to prevent enemy invaders from reaching critical systems. You communicate with your officers (showing as special dots on the scanner), who in turn lead their squads as you command. We want to leave a lot to the players’ imagination, and dots on a screen combined with faces through a communications device will do just that.

Customize and lead your ships to victory


By constructing a hangar you can build ships, launching anything from fighters to freighters to dreadnoughts at the enemy. Inspired by Master of Orion 2, you can choose how to equip them, adding different types of hull, weapons, shield, transport pods, and more. New technologies and alien artifacts can make every ship even more unique. The larger the ship is and the more it has space, the more damage it can inflict and take on. The drawbacks for a huge ship are cost and speed. Battlestation gives you the ability to create ships using your imagination, from small fighters to massive battleships.

Hire Crew


Both your Battlestation and your ships need able officers to run them. Just like in hit games like Jagged Alliance, you can recruit a wide range of characters to manage engineering, research, piloting and tactical squads. Each officer adds a bonus and special abilities to the equipment and drones that you control. Your progress and the story that you tell through your actions dictate the availability of officers, making them that much more valuable to you when they appear.

Battlestation crew system is composed of basic androids and officers. The androids are able to do everything poorly, but assigning officers to a group of androids makes them inherit the abilities of the officer in question. Every officer have their own mix of qualities. Some might, for example, be very good in engineering but poor at fighting. Assigning such an officer to a group of androids would yield a competent group of engineers, but the group would be in trouble should intruders break in to the Battlestation near them.

Battlestation allows the player to hire higher ranking officers to lead squadrons, whether they are engineers, scientists, marines or pilots. By commanding these the player gives commands to squads, instead of single units like in FTL. The higher ranking officers can be divided into following groups:


Pilots (Officers)

Pilots can be hired to gain bonuses for your defending and attacking fleet. They are very prominent in war and piloting.


Scientists (Officers)

Scientists add bonuses to research speed and discovering new technologies. Prominent in researching but usually very poor in battle.


Engineers (Officers)

Engineers lead the building teams and add bonuses such as building speed. Prominent in engineering, usually poor in battle.


Marines (Officers)

Marines lead the soldier teams and add bonuses to fighting. Prominent in battle but usually without a clue on how to build or research.



Humans have always reached for the stars, always pushing the technological frontier. Battlestation comes with a standard human technology tree, enriched by alien artifacts and technologies. These alien technologies may open up entirely new branches of science, leading to even more unique gameplay.

In the beginning you always have a human branch of a research tree, but you can discover new technology from random events and that will open up new technology branches. You may find a derelict ship equipped with an unknown laser weapon that opens up an entirely new branch to research. Depending on the random events that happen in a game they also affect what you are able to research, making each game stand out from previous ones. In some games you might get lucky and find very advanced and unique technology, while in other games you struggle to discover efficient technologies.



“It’s all a game — a paper fantasy of names and borders. Only one thing matters, Commander. Blood calls out for blood.” Londo Mollari, Babylon 5

Battlestation introduces you to new races and provides for a wide range of possible diplomatic negotiations. Demands and offers will be made from both sides and you, as a commander, have the power to decide if you want to keep the relationship friendly or not. Your decisions will affect the story, producing different costs and benefits in keeping the aliens happy or not; and if they are not and everything goes to hell, call for reinforcements.

Character customization will enable the player to have more options in diplomacy, and how the relationship develops during the game is entirely up to the player. The challenge will be balancing between giving up resources and not harming relationships. Battlestation can be played in many ways and won in many ways. Through diplomacy the player has opportunities to make allies, which will be able to help in some situations, allowing the player to focus less on building weapons and still survive.

Inspiration for Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope

The gameplay: Roguelike

The roguelike gameplay in Battlestation provides for ever­changing surroundings. You will explore those surroundings, and face new situations and challenges all the time. The core features of Battlestation have components designed to make the game roguelike, drive you to make quick decisions, but also reward planning for the long­term goal – to save humanity.

Permadeath is one of the core features of Battlestation. When your actions have repercussions, you must make more strategic and tactical decisions or see humanity perish in front of your eyes. If you prefer to play games for the excitement, the desire to test your skill or understanding of the game’s mechanics then Battlestation is definitely for you.

The incoming enemy ships, events, mining outposts, derelict ships, rescued crew, as well as the varying possibilities of ­ among other actions ­ discovering new technology, hiring officers, engaging in diplomatic encounters are all randomized for each new game. You can never rely on one single tactic to win, and you have to react to events and make the right decisions for each situation as it unfolds. Battlestation rewards ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness.

The mechanics: Faster Than Light

Battlestation aims for the roguelike gameplay found in such games as FTL by surprising you every time you make a hyperspace jump to a new destination. In Battlestation this is turned around, giving you a surprise every time the jump gates open and something approaches your station.

Managing the crew is an essential part of both FTL and Battlestation; you command both your fleet outside the station and squads inside it, as well as aboard alien ships. Besides events focusing on battles, FTL also had other random events, such as missions. In Battlestation you can explore your surroundings and go on missions with your fleet to investigate derelict ships, mining outposts, space anomalies, and more. All of these events are randomly generated for every new game, making them different and interesting every time.

The Story: Babylon 5

As with many sci-fi settings where a space station is the center of the action, Battlestation shows you what it feels to be the commander, the John Sheridan of your time. As the leader, it is your responsibility to keep your station, and your species, safe.One of the most intriguing elements of shows like Babylon 5 were the jump gates, every time they opened, you were captivated, waiting to see what was coming through the gate. This is the essence of Battlestation, never knowing what you will face next and wondering if you have the firepower to deal with the threat.

Even though Babylon 5 was a stationary space station, pilots would still need to venture out on missions from time to time. This is something we want to have in Battlestation as well, events in the near proximity of the station. Since these events will be randomly generated for each game, every playthrough will be different.

What made Babylon 5 so great was the deep and rich storyline. Battlestation focuses on the story for the game, creating a backstory and a world for Battlestation with significant depth. Every species has own story of how it came to be, how it evolved into a spacefaring species, and why it behaves in a certain way. The Battlestation book is another part of this saga, delving even deeper to the lore, giving the game an even more comprehensive story.

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